FAQ – Nam Jai Sparkling Water


What is Nam Jai Sparkling Water?

Thailand's only functional, ready-to-drink sparkling beverage made with no added sugar and zero artificial flavors or sweeteners. Nam Jai provides a functional true value-add to your everyday health with just a squeeze of real fruit and safely-sourced vitamins and minerals. 

Why drink Nam Jai?

What goes into your body matters. And yet, one thing that we all seem to make an exception for is sugar. All in all, Thai's consume four times the World Health Organization's daily recommended limit of sugar. 

A huge portion of this sugar comes from our daily drinks. Sugary soda, bubble tea, 100% fruit juice (yes, even juice) and those "healthy" sports drinks, they are all culprits. This rise in sugar intake has lead to increased cases of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

In other parts of the world, sparkling water is fast-replacing the traditional sugary drinks we all know and love(d). We thought it was time to introduce Thailand to a proper healthy yet functional sparkling water beverage. 

What does "Nam Jai" mean?

One of the most common values, and most prized by Thai people, is nam jai. Literally translated (น้ำใส) to 'water of the heart' or 'water from the heart', the actual meaning goes much deeper than this. 

Nam jai means to extend kindness. Simply put, nam jai is a value that requires a person to take the initiative in demonstrating consideration for another. Today, we can't think of a more important message to spread as far and wide as possible.

What is sparkling water, anyway?

Some call it sparkling water, others say seltzer, some call it soda water... the point is, most of what you are drinking with Nam Jai is just bubbles and water with a squeeze of fruit juice. We are an international team and our North American compatriots felt it was time to introduce Thailand to the sparkling water nomenclature. We also want to get as far away as possible from the idea of soda in the traditional sense - sugary, sweet, artificial, disastrous to your health.

We won't name names but... IYKYK. 

Why not use use all-natural "flavorings" and preservatives?

Yeah, we hear you. It would have been a lot easier on our end to include these! But if you can find an actual record of what goes into those all-natural "flavorings", give us a shout. We've had no such luck.

We just aren't comfortable offering products that contain things made in a lab with unknown origins. Turn around a can of Nam Jai Sparkling Water and you'll see a short, understandable ingredient list.

It took a LOT of work to get that right and we truly believe transparency matters - more than ever - and that it is important to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. 

Does your products contain calories?

Yes, proudly! None of our products have over 20 calories and those calories come from the real fruit found in every can of Nam Jai. We just want to keep it real... real ingredients, real colors derived from the real fruit, and nothing artificial allowed.

Clear liquid drinks full of artificial stabilizers, additives, and sweeteners with zero calories... or under 20 calories per can and entirely real ingredients and colors with actual nutritional value - you decide. 

Why not use stevia, xylitol, or other sweeteners?

The ingredients in each can of Nam Jai speak for themselves. The fresh-squeezed fruit taste holds its own so we didn't see any reason to mess with success. 

Are your products pasteurized?

All Nam Jai beverages are fully pasteurized to comply with food and beverage safety regulations in Thailand.